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Pinnacle Tourism Marketing

RJ New Designs has proudly worked with Pinnacle Tourism Marketing for several years. Our first point of contact with the Pinnacle team was to convert their existing website to a WordPress site, thus enabling easy internal maintenance.

At the time of conversion, the Pinnacle team were happy with the design of their site. A few years down the track, it was time for a refresh. Michael Nelson from Pinnacle Tourism Marketing had firm ideas on how he wanted the site to look.

RJ New Designs implemented these ideas in the site’s transformation. The new-look Pinnacle Tourism Marketing site is now live and the client could not be happier.

“With the ever changing world of tourism marketing and distribution, we needed a refresh of our website. While we thought the general structure of our current site was still relevant, we needed to acknowledge some changes and evolution not only in the tourism marketplace but also within our own business as well,” said Michael Nelson, Director, Pinnacle Tourism Marketing.

“We sat down with the team at RJ New Designs and explained what we wanted to do. We had two very clear markets that we wanted to talk to with our site and we wanted to ensure that we were able to manage all aspects of the content without compromising the design. They saw immediately what we wanted to do and easily met our brief. We are thrilled with the result. We have now positioned our company where want it to be. Our site has a really great visual impact as well as giving us the flexibility we need to evolve and change it,as our business continues to change as well.”

The primary objective of the redesign was to make maximum use of imagery. To take the site from being a corporate site, to being an extension of their tourism marketing activities, showcasing their clients and the Tropical North Queensland region.

As well as providing information on Pinnacle Tourism Marketing, the site has a client portfolio and contains an extensive selection of trade resources.

RJ New Designs loves to design websites, whether it is working with the client’s ideas or developing our own unique concepts to match their vision, business and target market. We pride ourselves on designing, coding and developing sites from scratch. We do not use templates. We do deliver results.

If you want to update your site, contact RJ New Designs today on (07) 4041 0776 or email info@rjnewdesigns.com We look forward to working with you.

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