Cairns Content Marketing To Bring You Business

Cairns content marketing services to bring you more business, that’s what we do. We work with websites large and small, providing strategic content marketing services, to enhance your search engine optimisation and grow your traffic. We offer a unique combination of internet expertise and experienced content creators. This means you can be assured we’ve got the right stuff, to write your stuff. We’ve already helped many local businesses increase their online presence, generating more enquiries and more revenue. If you want to work with people who know what they’re doing, contact us today.

We Write Stuff

Our content marketing services are about researching, creating and integrating valuable content into your website, with the specific purpose of connecting you with your customers.

We Don’t Do Videos

We are not videographers. We don’t do videos. We are qualified writers and web developers and we stick at what we’re good at. That enables us to deliver excellent work, that works.

We Don’t Do Social Media

We get asked this a lot. Honestly, we think the best people to do your social media, are you. There are lots of people offering this service in Cairns; we’re just not one of them.

Content Marketing What Is It?

If you break it down, it’s exactly what the name suggests. It’s using content to market your business, its products, services and/or events to a defined audience. Your customers. When put in the context of the internet, it must be carefully crafted in such a way as to also engage the search engines. That way, your content is reaching its maximum potential and audience. You might wonder how we will be able to write content for you. It’s drawing on our skills in journalism and online content creation and bringing them together, to tell your story.


We’ll complete an online audit of your website and your competitors’ websites. This includes key word analysis, to identify what we need to write about, to get you the results you want. We don’t approach anything in a haphazard fashion. We’ll work just as hard as you, to promote your business.


Once we know what we need to incorporate into your website to get you results, we’ll sit down with you to get the nuts and bolts, to create the content. From there, we combine this information with further online investigation, to ensure the end result delivers return on investment.


We’ve been in business since 2005 and are proud to have a 5-star rating from our customers, who are amazed at what we can do and what it does for their business. If you want to get a Cairns content marketing package in place to plan for you future success, contact us.

Cairns Content Marketing

We always keep it simple. At RJ New Designs, we’re about creating connections and providing advice and services, with integrity and professionalism. We aren’t here to baffle you with big words, techno talk and any other phrase starting with ‘b’ and ending with ‘t’. We’re real people and we’re here to help.

So, if you’re a bit lost with content marketing for your website, give us a call on (07) 4041 0776. Our quotes and proposals are free and we work with businesses representing a cross-section of industry. We’re results driven and goal orientated. We look forward to working with you.

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Our Clients Love Our Content

Our clients love our content and the fact that we make it so easy for them. They love it even more, that our content connects them with their customers, which results in more business and more enquiries. If that sounds good to you, contact us today.

Sarah Boccanfuso

“The communication between Richard, Julie and myself was easy from the first meeting. With great insight, they explained what I was needing and how to produce a great functioning website. I am a very happy customer. Thank you, Richard and Julie, for your hard work and care of detail.”

Sarah Boccanfuso - Tropical Shade Blinds

David Forrester

“RJ New Designs are creatively outstanding. Combining the IT genius of Richard and the literature finesse of Julie, this company covers it all. They both took the time to ensure that everything I needed for my business to thrive in such a competitive market was done. Thank you so much.”

David Forrester - Forrester Cleaning Services

Jo Piggot

“From the moment I made contact with them I felt at ease. At our first meeting, Richard discussed ideas for my new business website and showed examples of websites created. Julie collated the content of the website and was so easy to speak with. Her ideas of wording to gain the best from a website is worth its weight in gold.”

Jo Piggot - Cairns A/C & Refrigeration