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RJ New Designs is always launching new sites and coming up with new ways to help our clients achieve their very best.


Foaming Fury

RJ New Designs is excited to have redesigned and developed the Foaming Fury website. The new-look site sits in-line with the other two sites recently completed for this client, Active Tropics Explorer and Waterfall Wanderers.

Foaming Fury already had a website, but it was outdated in appearance and functionality. Business co-owner Roderic Rees was in the process of reviewing and updating all of his websites, to provide a modern web presence for the company, with complete content management system functionality (CMS), enabling easy internal site maintenance and updates.

To provide brand consistency and create cost efficiencies, a unique design and CMS framework was developed that was flexible enough to suit all three sites, whilst still creating a distinctive, individual website for each product.

The new Foaming Fury website is now live and the client could not be happier.

“Richard and Julie at RJ New Designs were fantastic! When we first approached them about redesigning one website and building and branding another, we only had a vague idea of what we wanted. Richard and Julie spent the time with me to narrow down the vision I had for the site and an overall branding strategy. Not only did they exceed what was expected of them, they also had our site ready on time and at an extremely competitive price.”

“In the whole process nothing was too hard for these guys and they always validated my ideas and input. Julie’s ability write content and create an overall “feel” for our sites was amazing, she has a real gift with words. Richards laid back “can do” attitude and attention to detail of imagery and functionality makes RJ New Designs the go to company for any business looking to upgrade or create a web presence.”

“I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending these guys.” – said Roderic Rees, Co-owner, Foaming Fury, Active Tropics Explorer and Waterfall Wanderers.

Foaming Fury are the leaders in providing Cairns white water rafting tours and have developed a solid reputation for their excellent safety standards, high quality service and staff training, since starting operations in 1986.

When building their new site, RJ New Designs maximised the use of product images and branding, to create a high impact site, which was both visually appealing and easy to use for their target market.

Services provided in conjunction with the Foaming Fury website project include, but are not limited to: design and development of a customised, responsive WordPress website; image management; project management and [some] copy writing.

RJ New Designs prides itself on exceeding customer expectations and delivering high quality sites, which perform with the search engines and your customers. If you are thinking of updating your site, or getting a new site for your business, please contact us today on (07) 4041 0776 or We’d love to work with you.

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