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Google Rates Responsive

Google rates responsive sites. They want your website to be mobile-friendly. Why? 40-50% of their users are now searching for and looking at sites on mobile and tablet devices. Google wants to make sure they are delivering (ranking) sites that work well on these platforms.

With this in mind, Google announced in February this year that they were rolling out a mobile-friendly update on 21 April 2015. This update, which is now in place, boosts the rankings of mobile-friendly pages, on searches made from mobile devices, in all languages and locations.

Google don’t want to lose traction as the world’s number one search engine and they don’t want to send their users to sites that don’t perform well on mobile devices. So, how does your site stack up? Well, we can tell you and there’s even a Mobile-Friendly Test you can complete. Sound good? Contact us today on phone (07) 4041 0776.

The main news here is that if your site is not mobile-friendly already, then it’s a good idea to make sure it is, ASAP. RJ New Designs specialise in creating responsive, mobile-friendly websites. This will not only keep Google happy (and hence your all-important rankings) but it will enhance your user / customer performance and engagement. Win win.

So, what is a responsive site design? It’s one that automatically resizes to suit the viewing device, from computer screen to mobile to laptop. If you have an existing site, we can make it responsive from as little as $500 (pending its current design), or maybe now is the time to invest in a complete redesign and responsive rebuild. Can you afford not to?!

For more information on making your site mobile-friendly, contact the team at RJ New Designs today on phone (07) 4041 0776 or email info@rjnewdesigns.com

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