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How To Write Blog Posts

How to write blog posts that generate traffic for your website and get you results. Let RJ New Designs tell you how. We’re in a unique position to offer professional advice from an IT and marketing perspective.

Why is this important? From an IT perspective, you want your blog to ‘work’ and add long term SEO value to your website. From a marketing perspective, you want the blog to be another way to engage and communicate with your audience. Bring them together and you’ve got a very valuable tool at your disposal.

What is a blog and why should you have one?

A blog is essentially a collection of stories / articles / content you have added to your website. A blog allows you to regularly add content to your site, which is great from a search engine optimisation perspective. It also allows you to engage with your customers, providing timely product updates and news.

Good blogs will generate traffic to your website, increase a visitor’s length of stay on your site and generate enquiries. Good blogs help to increase your search engine rankings, for your preferred key search terms. Good blogs will get you results.

So if that’s a good blog (and we’ll tell you more on them later), what’s a bad blog? A bad blog is one that is not updated with regular news and content, or is populated with content that is not engaging to the search engines (and this should be your priority with a blog) and your customers.

How do you write a blog post that will generate traffic for your website?

The first thing to consider is what key search terms you want your website to rank for. In doing this, you need to be realistic about being competitive for that search term (who is your competition?). For example, if you are a Cairns hotel and want to rank for ‘Cairns Accommodation’ then writing a single blog post using this key search term will not help. You are competing against a lot of ‘big players’ who have saturated the internet with this search term already (think Wotif, and TripAdvisor etc).

To gain maximum value and internet traction from your blog post, it’s better to consider and research similar search terms that are relevant to your business / product, but not very competitive on the internet. For example ‘centrally located hotel Cairns’ or ‘family accommodation Cairns’. These are unique terms, specific to what you offer and what your customer is looking for.

We can help to identify these for you.

Once you have identified a range of key search terms to target, you can start to prepare a list of blog post stories and a timeline for implementation.

How often should you update your blog?

The best blogs are populated / updated regularly, over a long period of time, rather than uploading a whole lot of stories at once. The frequency of articles really depends on your business and resources, but a minimum of one blog post per month is recommended.

How to write blog posts? The blogs should be written to engage both your customers and the search engines. Let’s look at customers first. Customers will read (and find) your blog post because they are interested in its content, which should relate directly to your products and services.

To be engaging to customers, the blog post should be written to provide all the key information they will be looking for (without being a repetition of content you have provided elsewhere on your site). It should answer all of their questions. It should provide a call to action and contact details.

From an IT perspective, it’s important you remember a few key points too. For the best SEO results, blog posts will have some repetition (in their titles, urls, subtitles and content). The key is to incorporate the repetition, without making the content ‘spammy’ and unappealing to users / readers.

Good blog posts will add long term value to your site. Not only as an information source for your customers but also as an SEO tool. They are an investment in your sales and marketing activities.

Bad blogs will take time and resources to populate, but never yield the return on investment you are looking for.

RJ New Designs has the expertise to write blog posts that generate traffic for your website and get you results. For more information, contact us today on 4041 0776 or

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