FNQ Youth Assistance Fund Needed An Urgent Upgrade

The FNQ Youth Assistance Fund already had a website when they approached us. It was outdated in appearance and functionality. They wanted to update the website, with a priority outcome of enabling secure online donations and applications. Time was of the essence. We worked quickly to deliver a new site, in total satisfaction of their requirements. Their new site is now live and the whole project took just two weeks.

"On behalf of the Far North Queensland Youth Assistance Fund, we are grateful for the professional input the team at RJ New Designs provided in establishing our new website. This team had the capacity to share a vision and to create that vision into something that looks outstanding, and works efficiently."

Terry Newman OAM - Secretary - Far North Queensland Youth Assistance Fund

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The FNQ Youth Assistance Fund is one of Cairns’ oldest charity organisations, established in 1972 to assist disadvantaged children and youth. Since then, it’s supported thousands of applicants helping the youth of Far North Queensland achieve higher education, represent their region and state in sport and advance their cultural ambitions.

In response to COVID-19 they started a new Community Crisis Fund. To maximise its effectiveness and responsiveness, they wanted to update the website to include information on the new Crisis Fund, whilst digitising online donations and applications. Their preferred platform for secure online donations was eWAY.

RJ New Designs worked to understand the requirements for the new site, preparing a site plan and navigation structure to highlight the new Crisis Fund while not losing the history and story of the Fund’s ‘usual’ activities.

Some of our Cairns web design services provided in conjunction with the FNQ Youth Assistance Fund project included but were not limited to: customised WordPress website design and development, integration with eWAY, to provide secure online donations and image sourcing and management.

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