Portland Roads Cape York Peninsula

Portland Roads is a historic site located on Cape York Peninsula. It’s 800km north of Cairns and sits on a small headland, facing a naturally protected bay. It’s home to 8-10 permanent residents and has a café and holiday house, which is owned and operated by Greg Westcott and his partner Sheree. Greg wanted to create a website to promote the town, its attractions and capture its rich history. He chose RJ New Designs and we delivered on brief and budget.

“This year we’ve been so lucky to work with so many great clients and travel to some pretty amazing places. In February 2021 we flew into Lockhart River Airport and spent three days and two nights exploring Portland Roads, nearby Chili Beach and getting to know Greg and Sheree. What a privilege it is to learn more about the rich history of this remote location and meet people who are passionate about showcasing this country to visitors.”

Julie Johnston - RJ New Designs

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Greg had been successful in obtaining a government grant for this project and in conjunction with the application, we included flights and accommodation to and from Cairns to Lockhart River and Portland Roads. This journey was absolutely an essential element of the Portland Roads website project. Why? Read on.

Portland Roads is a remote location on Cape York Peninsula. It’s a place of historical significance that saw adventurers, explorers a gold rush and even played a brief but crucial role in the Allied Forces defence plans in World War II. It’s also a place of exceptional natural beauty, positioned close to Chili Beach and Iron Range National Park.

Despite all of this, there was very little information regarding the place on the internet. Even less imagery available. So, researching and writing a website for Portland Roads was going to be next to impossible without a visit. That’s why we went and what an adventure it was.

During our stay at Portland Roads House we explored the local area thoroughly, taking many photos which formed the basis for most of the website. We met with Greg throughout the stay, to not only gain a thorough understanding of his requirements and objectives of the website, but also to gather the notes crucial to copy writing.

On return to Cairns, we worked up a design for the website and started copy writing. We liaised with Greg and Sheree throughout the process, to ensure it was evolving as envisaged. This was an extensive process but the end result is a website we are all very proud of.

If you want to work with a website design team who are committed to sharing your vision, exceeding your expectations and delivering a fantastic end result, then call us. We pride ourselves on our work and look forward to working with you.

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