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Responsive Websites – Intelligent site design which automatically adjusts to provide optimum functionality on all viewing devices.

Responsive Websites: Intelligent Solutions

Responsive websites are the way of the future (Google Mobile Friendly Update) and RJ New Designs are Cairns’ responsive website experts.  We can take your existing site and make it responsive, or start from scratch and develop a fully customised, responsive website solution for your business.

What are we even talking about?  Responsive websites are ‘intelligent’ sites that have been coded and developed to display with optimum performance across all viewing devices, large and small.  This means that no matter where your customers are accessing your site, it will be delivered to them promoting your key messages and making navigation and content clear and concise.

RJ New Designs: Responsive Websites – Why You Should Get One

Responsive websites are more and more in demand.  Especially after Google rolled its mobile-friendly update on 21 April 2015. They are different to mobile sites*, which only optimise for mobile phones, they are exactly what their name suggests: responsive to the viewing device on which the site is being accessed.

Responsive websites will adapt to fit any device they are being viewed on, from the desktop computer to laptop, tablet and mobile devices.

Why are they necessary? The browser landscape is changing: screens are getting bigger and smaller at the same time. At one time you only needed to worry about your website displaying properly on computer screens.  Then mobile phones came into the equation.  Today there is stationary computers, mobile devices, tablets and many more variations of the theme on which customers are accessing websites.  In essence, the web has moved beyond the desktop and it’s not going back.

Therefore, to make the most of your site and communicate effectively with your audience, you need to ensure your website is responsive to all devices.

RJ New Designs’ responsive websites will achieve your outcomes, adapting to the media that renders them and performing the way you want them too.  How do we do this? We take three simple coding and development factors into consideration during our design and development process: fluid grids, flexible images and media queries. This does not need to mean anything to you, but it means a whole lot to us and will deliver the functionality and performance you want for your site.

Google’s Mobile-Friendly Update – What It Means To You

On 21 April 2015 Google rolled its mobile-friendly update. While some referred to it as ‘mobilegeddon’ (probably just those of us in web land), others got prepared and made sure their site was ready to respond to this change of direction. What does it all mean? Basically, Google – widely regarded as the world’s number #1 search engine – introduced an update which boosted the rankings of mobile-friendly pages and sites.

Why did they do this? They recognised that more and more people are searching for sites on their mobile devices. In response to this trend, they want to serve up (rank) the sites that optimise to be mobile-friendly and responsive, hence the update. It should be noted that in conjunction with this update, pages that are only designed to display on large screens may now be experiencing a significant decrease in rankings in mobile search results.

How do you know if your site is mobile friendly? It’s simple, contact RJ New Designs today and we’ll tell you. There’s two main pieces of news to take from this update. One, ensuring your site is responsive is important not only to users but also to Google. Two, it’s not too late to get an update and really, can you afford not to!

* Mobile sites are another area of specialty and there are many reasons / arguments for creating a specific mobile version of your website.  For more information on this, please visit our Cairns mobile website page.

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