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Copy Writing - There's nothing harder than writing about your own business and product. We can help with professional copy writing.

Copy Writing: For You, Your Customers and Google

“I don’t want my website to have too many words.” We hear this all the time. The bad news is that a website with no words will not rank on Google (or any other search engine). To be found on the internet, you need well-written content on your site.

The good news: RJ New Designs has an award-winning copy writer who can help! With a Bachelor of Journalism and 18 years experience in marketing, public relations and copy writing, Julie Johnston will write the content you need to get your site ranking.

RJ New Designs: Website Copy Writing – Our Content Works

  • It’s clear and concise: helping customers find what they want, quickly and easily.
  • Has no typos and is grammatically correct: very important to maintain professional presence.
  • Reflects your business identity and tone: will communicate with your audience as you want.
  • Conveys key messages and calls-to-action: generating leads and enquiries for your business.
  • Will help your website rank: Google will find your website faster with well-written content.

There’s two reasons to ensure your website has relevant, well-written content.

Firstly, effective website copy is the difference between successfully communicating with your audience and not. Do not lose your customers’ interest by making them scan through endless paragraphs of information to find the facts. Engage them with website copy that is structured to make your business, and its key messages / services, as easy to find and understand as possible.

Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, relevant website copy is an essential factor in ensuring your website will be found by, and rank with, the search engines. Let’s face it, there’s no point having a website if no one can find it and, unfortunately, a website without good copy equals a failed website.

What do we mean by relevant website copy? Basically, the written content of your site should promote the key services, facilities and/or products you want to rank for. If it’s important to your business, then let’s make it a feature on the site so search engines can find it and bring you the traffic you want.

Website copy that is professionally written for your business, targeting your customers and preferred search engine key words, will help your site perform.

For more information on our Cairns website copy writing services, contact RJ New Designs today on phone (07) 4041 0776 or email

Website Development: Get It Right From The Start

Want a website that works for you, your customers and Google? Of course you do, because that’s when your website will deliver the best results for your business. For maximum online success, it’s all in the planning and development.

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