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Mobile Websites - Don't get left behind, make sure your website is easy to use on all platforms, including mobile phones.

Mobile Websites: More Than Just A Trend

Want your website to work on a mobile phone? RJ New Designs can build a new mobile version of your existing website, or start from scratch to produce a site that works on the internet and mobile phones.

How are mobile websites different to ‘normal’ websites? They are created to ‘work’ on the smaller display screens of a mobile phone. Sure, all websites can be viewed on a mobile phone screen but, to get yours really working, you want a mobile website.

RJ New Designs: Cairns Mobile Websites – Features and Services

  • Designed for small screens: maintain your brand while being viewed on a smaller screen.
  • Content minimisation for performance maximisation: keep it simple and make it work.
  • Working on a mobile platform: the functionality you need, to get the results you want.
  • Stay connected: your customers are using their mobiles to research products; don’t miss out.
  • Expand your reach: customised mobile websites deliver superior online performance.

Customised mobile websites are a smart investment for any business today. Consumers are becoming more and more technology savvy and want to be able to access information on the go. In recognition of this changing landscape, the world’s number #1 search engine even introduced a new mobile-friendly update, which could already be impacting on your site.

Google Mobile-Friendly Update: It’s Happened – Is Your Site Performing?

Have you heard about this already? On 21 April 2015 Google rolled out a mobile-friendly update. It impacts all searches and search results being performed / completed on mobile devices, in all languages and locations. What is it all about? It’s a Google search update which boosts the rankings of mobile-friendly pages and websites (and conversely, decreases the rankings in mobile search results, for those pages only designed for large screens).

It was introduced to ensure the sites and pages being served up by Google for mobile searches, which now account for 40-50% of their traffic, are optimised to perform on mobile devices and therefore deliver their customers the best user experience. Makes sense really! So now, more than ever, it is important to ensure your existing site – or new site – has been built to be mobile-friendly. Not only will this help to engage your audience, it will secure your Google search rankings and we all know how important that is! So expand your reach and get connected with a Cairns mobile website.

RJ New Designs’ mobile websites are designed to maximise visual display, performance and functionality for the mobile environment and are compliant with the Google mobile-friendly update requirements.

We work with you to establish your primary calls to action and key sales messages, ensuring your mobile site delivers the best results for you.

For a professional Cairns mobile website that works, contact RJ New Designs today on (07) 4041 0776 or email

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