Mangrove Naturals

Simple WordPress PayPal shopping cart functionality allows you to sell your products online with secure transactions. RJ New Designs can prepare and integrate these with your site, like we just did for Mangrove Naturals.

Mangrove Naturals are a long term client of RJ New Designs. Family owned and operated, they produce and sell a range of Pure Refined Australian Crocodile Oil products. Their original site was more of a marketing tool, but as the product range has expanded, so too did the needs and requirements for their website.

In conjunction with the scope of works completed on the revamp of the Mangrove Naturals website, RJ New Designs developed some new creative, to reflect the latest marketing concepts, and developed a new site with simple WordPress PayPal shopping cart functionality.

The new Mangrove Naturals website can be seen here

Now, when we say ‘simple’ WordPress PayPal shopping cart, we mean it’s simple for customers to use, which is what you want when selling products. It does not require a complicated customer log-in. It does provide a secure payment platform. It does inspire confidence for people to make an online transaction.

It’s not simple for us to build. This particular ‘simple’ WordPress PayPal shopping cart is integrated with a customised product management and ordering system, which includes automatic postage and freight fee calculator, which is based on product weight and destination of order. This is fully automated at time of order.

Other services provided in conjunction with the Mangrove Naturals website update include, rebuilding the site using the WordPress platform, making the site responsive to mobile and desktop devices, providing photography advice and some (limited) copy writing.

The new-look Mangrove Naturals website and its simple WordPress PayPal shopping cart, will provide our customer with a good foundation to take their online presence from marketing to sales and marketing. Now a word from Mangrove Naturals:

“I have been using RJ New Designs with great satisfaction, from the very start of my business for their excellence in website design. I have found them to be very professional, accommodating and easy to work with. I would highly recommend them and will most definitely use them again if need be in the future.”
said Natalie from Mangrove Naturals.

To discover the amazing effects of pure crocodile oil in your skin care regime, visit the new Mangrove Naturals website today. To get your own WordPress website with a fully integrated product management system and simple WordPress PayPal shopping cart functionality, contact RJ New Designs on 07 4041 0776 or

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Elsa Comino

"RJ New Designs created a great new website for Eat Real. We all love the look of it, it's fresh just like our food, and enables us to showcase a range of our great meals. The online ordering module is super easy to use, for us and the customers. If you want to work with a website team that will partner with you on your website, contact RJ New Designs for sure!"

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“Julie's ability write content and create an overall "feel" for our sites was amazing, she has a real gift with words. Richard’s laid back ‘can do’ attitude and attention to detail of imagery and functionality makes RJ New Designs the ‘go to’ company for any business looking to upgrade or create a web presence.”

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“Highly recommend team RJ New Designs. We got them to make our new website and we truly enjoyed working with them, for their professionalism, knowledge and so many ideas!!!!!! Now we’re ranking on 1st page after just over 4 months since our new website went live. Without paying for ads! That speaks volumes!”

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