Cairns Responsive Websites

Cairns responsive websites are not only the way of the future, they’re best practice right now. If your website is not responsive (or mobile friendly) then you are missing out, not only on the SEO benefits, but more importantly, customer engagement. In the first quarter of 2019, mobile access (excluding tablets) accounted for 48.71% of website traffic globally. It’s been hovering around this mark since 2017. If your website is not responsive, then it’s not displaying to best advantage on mobile devices, and those figures are too big to ignore. Time to get responsive people.

What Is Responsive?

Responsive websites are ‘intelligent’ sites that have been coded and developed to display with optimum performance across all viewing devices, large and small. This means that no matter where your customers are accessing your site, it will be delivered to them promoting your key messages and making navigation and content clear and concise.

How Can I Get Responsive?

We can help. If you have an older website, then now might be the time to rebuild it. This will not only make it responsive, but will bring it into line with current technology and design trends. If you don’t have the budget for that, then sometimes we can adapt older websites and make them responsive as is. Either way, get in touch, as we’re happy to give you a quote.

We Do Responsive

All RJ New Designs websites built from 2016 onwards are responsive. We embraced this technology when it first came out. We used to charge separately for this service, but as we’ve advanced our own internal processes and coding, we’ve started to offer responsive for free, in conjunction with all new websites. Stay ahead of the pack, choose us as your web developer.

Cairns Responsive Websites Why You Need One

Responsive websites will adapt to fit any device they’re being viewed on, from the desktop computer to laptop, tablet and mobile devices. Why are they necessary? The browser landscape is changing, screens are getting bigger and smaller at the same time. At one time, you only needed to worry about your website displaying properly on computer screens. Then mobile phones came into the equation. Today there is stationary computers, mobiles, tablets and many more variations of the theme. In short, the internet has moved beyond the desktop and it’s not going back.

Is It The Same As A Mobile Site?

No. We consider dedicated mobile websites to be old technology. It makes no sense to be updating two versions of the same site. Go responsive and don’t look back.

Mobile Use Continues To Grow

People of all ages are using mobile devices to access the internet, often preferencing their phones over their computers. This trend will continue to expand.

Don’t Get Left Behind

Mobile use is so important that Google is actively prioritising the rankings of responsive websites, over those that aren’t mobile friendly. Don’t get left behind.

Responsive Web Site Developer

RJ New Designs’ responsive websites will achieve your outcomes, adapting to the media that renders them and performing the way you want them too. How do we do this?

We take three simple coding and development factors into consideration during our design and development process: fluid grids, flexible images and media queries. This does not need to mean anything to you, but it means a whole lot to us and will deliver the functionality and performance you want, for your site.

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Our Clients Love Our Support

At RJ New Designs we stay abreast of industry developments and trends, so you don’t have too. Our customers appreciate that, because it means they can concentrate on what they do best, which is their business. If you’d like a free consultation and quote on your website, contact us on (07) 4041 0776.

Troy Davidson

“Working with RJ New Designs on my business website has been such an easy experience. The websites look great and rank well. I am so very pleasantly surprised at the joy of working with web developers who developed my web pages for me. So great!!!”

Troy Davidson - Eagle Security

Alyse Di Pasquale

“All I can say is Wow!!! The work Richard and Julie from RJ New Designs create, is nothing short of amazing. They both are such lovely and friendly people to work with and really listen to what you want and require for a website design.”

Alyse Di Pasquale - Alternate Therapeutics

Michael Nelson

“We were thrilled with the result. We have now positioned our company where we want it to be. Our site has a really great visual impact, as well as giving us the flexibility we need to evolve and change it, as our business continues to change as well.”

Michael Nelson - Pinnacle Tourism Marketing