Get Noticed With A Great Website

First impressions count. You have a small window of opportunity to capture the attention of your online customers. For maximum success, it’s critical your website’s design is high impact, fast to load, visually appealing and brand consistent. In addition, it must also maximise user engagement with ease of navigation and strong calls to action. Our Cairns website designs do all this and more. We’ll help your business stand-out in the crowded online environment; get it the attention you need and keep your customers on your page longer. We craft each website design to suit the needs of individual clients. We listen to your brief, take your logo and images and create something special, that you’ll love.

Unique Designs

We aren’t constrained by templates, which enables us to customise a unique design for your new website. It’ll be a beautiful online portal, to your offline products and services.

Connecting To Customers

A key objective of all our websites, is to connect you with your customers. Design is an essential element of this process, using images, icons and layout to maximise visual impact and speed.

Selling Your Product

That’s what it’s all about, selling your product or services. There’s no point having a website, if it doesn’t effectively do this. Our websites help to grow businesses, that’s how we stay in business.

RJ New Designs Form and Function

Good website design enables easy navigation and conveys key messages. Our Cairns website designs are tailored to your brand, business and customers. They’re carefully crafted to work well across all viewing devices, from mobile to tablet, laptop to desktop and will provide your business with a professional online presence, appropriate to your industry, products and services. We do not compromise on quality, on any of our projects. We provide the right advice, to get the best results.

Brand Experts

RJ New Designs are brand experts. We can create brands for you, or ensure your existing brand is appropriately incorporated in your new website and online sales tools. Consistency is key to building brand value and recognition.

Professional Advice

What’s the best piece of advice we can give to our customers? Invest in some professional photography. Good photos make great websites. Bad photos make you look unprofessional and stock photos, they’re just not about you, are they.

We’re On Your Team

Our website design services are tailored to meet your needs. If you know what you want, we can create it. If you know what you like, we can build it. If you don’t know where to start, we’ll make some magic happen. You can count on us.

Our Promise You’ll Love Your Site

Big claim. But seriously, our customers love their websites and we’ve got over 50 glowing customer testimonials, to tell you all about it. Why do they like our Cairns website designs? We think it’s about our combination of communication, industry expertise and extensive research. So, let’s break that down.

Communication starts from the moment of your very first enquiry. We’ll ask what you want to achieve with your new website. What you like and dislike. We’ll work hard to get an understanding of what makes you and your business tick, to ensure our design appropriately reflects those values.

We look at websites all day, every day. There’s no unicorns out there. There’s design inspiration everywhere you look, but we know what works online and what gets results. So, it’s taking that knowledge and applying it to your brand and business, to come up with a website design that you’ll love and will get you business.

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Our Clients Love Our Work

We’re immensely proud of the relationships we have with our customers. We work hard to exceed their expectations, with our website designs, and they love what we do. So, if you want to be this happy with your website design, contact RJ New Designs today for a free quote on (07) 4041 0776.

Jeffrey Dela Cruz

"Love our new website. RJ New Designs took only a few weeks to transform our old website. It was a stress-free project and we didn't have a lot of meetings, because after our first meeting, they just knew what we wanted, and this has shown in the website that they've created.”

Jeffrey Dela Cruz - Family Responsibilities Commission

Courtney Wilson

“Couldn’t be more happy with our new, modern and bright website design. Julie and Richard really took the time to listen to what I wanted, and the end result is just WOW! Thanks to you RJ New Designs for your great work and inspired designs.”

Courtney Wilson - Cairns Glass and Glazing

Peter Ford

“Richard and Julie have done an amazing job on our new South Pacific Bridal website. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending RJ New Designs to anyone wanting to create a visually stunning website with inspiring and SEO friendly content.”

Peter Ford - South Pacific Bridal