Cairns WordPress Website Developer

Cairns WordPress website developers, that’s what we are. More than that, we’re WordPress customization experts. We create unique designs and develop them using custom coding to provide the performance you want; with the functionality you need. What are we even talking about? A lot of WordPress websites are built using templates and themes. These can be purchased, and you ‘simply’ populate them with content and images. The drawback? The minute you want to do something outside the theme, you can’t. Or you can, but it’s not easy. That’s why we create custom Cairns WordPress websites.

Why WordPress?

WordPress is a powerful website platform with a robust Content Management System. It started as a blogging tool, but has evolved into so much more. Today there’s over 65 million WordPress websites and blogs online.

What’s Wrong With Themes?

They aren’t user friendly. You have to work within the parameters of the theme and if you want to do anything outside the box, to customise elements to suit your business or products, it’s very difficult to do it.

You Need RJ New Designs

We’re Cairns WordPress experts. We’ve been using it for over 10 years, staying up to date with regular training and attendance at national WordPress events. If you want WordPress WOW, we’ll show you how.

WordPress Websites Why You Need One

WordPress websites look great, are responsive to mobile and desktop platforms and are easy to maintain. They’re also world leaders as an online publishing platform. WordPress is used by many brands globally, including CNN, PlayStation and the New York Times. WordPress was launched back in 2003. Today it’s estimated that over 29% of websites worldwide, have been created using WordPress. In fact, over 500 new websites are made using WordPress every day. It’s reliable, search engine friendly and we can customise it to suit your needs, making edits and updates a breeze.

Is It Secure?

Yes. When you choose us as your Cairns WordPress website developer, we keep the platform current, the software updated and the hosting secure.

Is It SEO Friendly?

Absolutely! In better news, we create unique content, targeting your preferred SEO terms and do all appropriate on-site and off-site optimization, for best results.

We Make It Easy

You don’t have to be an IT expert to use the WordPress Content Management System. We make it easy and provide training to all our WordPress customers.

Cairns WordPress Websites

WordPress is an easy to use platform that enables even the most technology-challenged individuals to self-manage (update) their websites. By choosing RJ New Designs to build your new website in WordPress, you’ll be able to easily update the site yourself. You’ll be able to edit everything on the site from all of its written content to its images, downloadable PDFs, video files and more.

Isn’t WordPress free? Yes it is. Basic WordPress websites can be created by pretty much anyone for free; that’s why they are so popular with bloggers. However, if you want a unique, professional Cairns WordPress website, then RJ New Designs are the company for you.

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Our Clients Love WordPress

Our customers love WordPress as much as we do. We provide complete solutions, which includes training on how to use the Content Management System, and support as needed.

Ash Colefax

“Richard and Julie built our new website. We're so happy with not only the look of the website itself, but the personalized, professional service we received. I have no hesitation recommending RJ New Designs to anyone looking for Cairns’ best web designer.”

Ash Colefax - TCS Shipwrights & Joinery

Chris Riera

“We recently had our website built by RJ New Designs. The entire process from start to finish was enjoyable and stress free. They were able to deliver a clean and professional platform, within 30 days of quote approval. Highly recommended!”

Chris Riera - East Coast Energy Solutions

Mike Hintz

“We are very pleased with the finished product and are particularly impressed with their industry knowledge, which made the process all the more efficient and effective. We have no hesitation in recommending RJ New Designs.”

Mike Hintz - Oz Tours Safaris