Websites Vs Social Media – What Works

There is no doubt that small businesses across Cairns and the country in fact, dedicated time and resources into their online presence during the lockdowns and social distancing requirements of COVID-19 in 2020 and 2021. Many were fortunate to receive a digital grant from the Government to assist with enhancing their online presence, to adapt to the change in trading circumstances. The question is what worked and what didn’t?

Well, consumers and business owners have had the chance to give their verdict, in the annual Online State of Australia’s Small Business 2021 report and the results are in. Some key points are below for easy reference.

  • Consumers rated a website 4 x times more important than social media, when making a purchasing decision.
  • Small business owners felt they were getting a better return on investment from websites, than social media channels.
  • Consumers will judge a company by how professional their website looks, including having company-specific email addresses, rather than a generic Gmail or Yahoo one. This impacts on purchasing decisions.
  • Top reasons consumers will leave a site include navigation issues (can’t find what they are looking for 53%), poor visual design (42%), slow loading time (47%) and no ‘about us’ (28%).

Full details and report findings can be found online –

We have to say, none of the above is ‘news’ to us. We believe that investment into your website reaps long term rewards, which is why we developed a Content Marketing Package in 2020. We know that adding key pages and strategic content to your website, will improve your Google and other search engine optimisation ranking and performance.

Well written content created to target appropriate key words and search terms, whilst still maintaining readability and engagement with your customers is the key to online success. Without the content (and we are talking words here) your website won’t rank and your customers won’t find you.

The content that we prepare for our customers focusses on their key products and services. It adds value to their site, increases online traffic and results in more enquiries. It will continue to provide return on investment, months after the work has been done and paid for.

Social media on the other hand, stops being effective the day you stop paying for the posts. It doesn’t really matter if you had good engagement on your socials for six months, because the moment you turn that off is the moment your investment stops providing returns.

In saying that, we are not saying social media is not important. It’s an easy space to engage with your customers and provide timely updates on projects, menus, tours and attractions, new products and services.

But when it comes down to return on investment, there is absolutely no doubt that websites win over social media, every time.

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