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Want a website that’s a bit different? Give us a call. We design each of our websites from scratch. Developing a style, layout and navigation structure to suit your business, target market and customers.

One of our most recent customers, Gina Mete from Yungaburra, wanted her new accommodation website to be something a little bit different. Her new Yungaburra Accommodation website was to promote a range of properties and accommodation options in Yungaburra. The site needed to work on a few different levels, as follows:

  • Be visually appealing, promoting the properties to customers
  • Be responsive, to work well across desktop and mobile platforms
  • To distinguish and differentiate between the different properties and types of accommodation
  • To promote the new logo and brand platform being developed for the business

When creating tourism or leisure websites, there are always a few constants. They need to have great images. Images which sell the dream and portray the features and benefits of the destination and the properties. They also need to contain all of the necessary information for potential guests to make an informed decision. Finally, they need to provide instant booking functionality.

The new Yungaburra Accommodation website ticks all of these boxes and is now live

The design and development of this website was very much a partnered approach. Owner / operator Gina Mete had very strong ideas about how she wanted the website to look and feel.

Taking our advice on board, she obtained a range of new promotional images for the website, which look great. We then prepared the written content for the site, which is designed to engage the search engines as well as the site visitors.

The site’s design and colour palette harmonises with the logo and images, while creating an easy navigation structure for visitors. Google maps were utilised to identify the location of her Yungaburra Accommodation properties. Accordion style navigation was used on the internal pages, to reduce visual clutter and highlight images, while still giving visitors the opportunity to read the additional content at their discretion. It also contains a selection of downloadable fact sheets and resources.

Booking functionality is provided by an external provider.

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Our clients started out just like you. Searching around the internet trying to find a Cairns web site design company they could trust. Someone who would get the job done, quickly and easily. They found us and we worked together, to get remarkable results. Be like them, become a happy web site customer.

Elsa Comino

"RJ New Designs created a great new website for Eat Real. We all love the look of it, it's fresh just like our food, and enables us to showcase a range of our great meals. The online ordering module is super easy to use, for us and the customers. If you want to work with a website team that will partner with you on your website, contact RJ New Designs for sure!"

Elsa Comino - Eat Real Cairns

Roderic Rees

“Julie's ability write content and create an overall "feel" for our sites was amazing, she has a real gift with words. Richard’s laid back ‘can do’ attitude and attention to detail of imagery and functionality makes RJ New Designs the ‘go to’ company for any business looking to upgrade or create a web presence.”

Roderic Rees - Cairns Adventure Group

Ryoko Morgan

“Highly recommend team RJ New Designs. We got them to make our new website and we truly enjoyed working with them, for their professionalism, knowledge and so many ideas!!!!!! Now we’re ranking on 1st page after just over 4 months since our new website went live. Without paying for ads! That speaks volumes!”

Ryoko Morgan - Integral Electrics Qld