Aboriginal Carbon Foundation Wanted A Consolidated Online Presence

The Aboriginal Carbon Foundation (AbCF) was established in 2010, as a not-for-profit entity. It catalyses life-changing, community prosperity, through carbon farming. Over the subsequent nine years the foundation has grown and changed, to meet demand, innovation, industry, community developments and best practice. They had also diversified their online presence and had two websites when they approached us. The aim of our work was to consolidate the two sites into one, creating a fit for purpose site which would provide appropriate and professional online representation for the AbCF.

"The Aboriginal Carbon Foundation was looking to update a very outdated website and one that were not proud to share with our clients as it was so outdated and uninteresting. Julie and Richard from RJ Designs came highly recommended to us by a number of people. When first communicating with Richard and Julie we really didn’t have any idea of what we wanted as none of us had a background in web design. Both Richard and Julie took the time to really sit down and really listen to our vision, what we wanted and what we wanted to achieve with our new website. It was not easy for them as there were 5 or 6 of us throwing ideas and suggestions about what we wanted and needed to the point where our own team was confused, however Richard and Julie made sense of all of our suggestions and ideas and created a website now we are really proud of. Since the design of the website and the launch almost a year ago we continue to call on them for support and advice and they are always willing to help. Being an Indigenous business we needed to ensure that our message and our content was culturally appropriate and we were making sure all of our audiences both indigenous and non-indigenous would find our website easy to manoeuvre around, eye catching and informative. The design was handled with professionalism, speed and ease, humour and patience… the AbCF would highly recommend RJ Designs to anybody not only starting a website but needed to completely overhaul their old one."

Shilo Villaflor - Aboriginal Carbon Foundation

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When you choose RJ New Designs as your preferred web developers, you are essentially engaging an online marketing team, with over 35 years of combined experience. We partner with you, to understand your requirements. We work closely throughout the project, to ensure the end result delivers on its purpose and comes with ‘no surprises’.

After meeting with the AbCF representatives, we were provided with a range of their educational and sales and marketing materials. These documents contained content in addition to what was already featured on their websites. We worked through over 80-pages of content to develop the new site plan and navigation structure for the new site.

Content was then edited to suit the page design and site layout, with a selection of suitable images loaded into the site. The project management component of this project was extensive, and we learned a lot about carbon farming along the way.

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