Cairns Car Brokers Search Functionality Was Essential

The internet is constantly expanding and so are our services. Several recent clients have requested specific search / filter functionality for their online products. The aim for all of them, was to make it as easy as possible for their customers, to find what they were looking for. Request met. RJ New Designs has developed specific expertise in online product filtering. The most recent example can be seen on the new Cairns Car Brokers website. Where customers can search by specific vehicle model, make and year of manufacture.

“Richard and Julie from RJ New Designs have just upgraded and relaunched the new and improved Cairns Car Brokers website. We are so happy with how it looks and the new search facility. Super easy to communicate with and fast to act on suggested improvements.”

Kim Siegmann - Cairns Car Brokers

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Cairns Car Brokers already had a website when they approached RJ New Designs. It was outdated in its appearance and functionality and had never fulfilled their wish, of having searchable stock. We prepared a fresh new design and developed the system they wanted, to give their customers an easy online portal to their fleet of vehicles and services.

The new Cairns Car Brokers website is a customised WordPress Cairns website, coded by the team at RJ New Designs. It has an easy to use Content Management System, which makes updating the site with new vehicles a painless process for Cairns Car Brokers.

While its filtering system makes it easy for online visitors to find the vehicle they’re searching for. If you want to buy or sell a second-hand car, go to Cairns Car Brokers. If you want a website which delivers on your requirements, contact RJ New Designs on (07) 4041 0776 or email