Gold Coast Community Legal Centre Wanted A New Website

RJ New Designs is proud to work with clients located across the city, state and country. We were recently approached by the Gold Coast Community Legal Centre, who wanted a new website. They had seen the work we did for Cairns Community Legal Centre and loved the look. They wanted to refresh their own site, to provide a focus on their free community legal services. The main objective was to make the site user friendly, focussed on services rather than administration.

"Julie and Richard did an amazing job on our web design, they were amazing to deal with and created a fresh and impressive web page for us. Would not hesitate to recommend them."

Victoria Shiel - Gold Coast Community Legal Centre

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The Gold Coast Community Legal Centre already had a website, when they approached us. It was an older site, with lots of content. However, it had grown organically over time and during the addition of new content and pages, the main focus and purpose of the website had become lost. It had grown into a big website full of administrative information, rather than highlighting the free community legal services.

We were tasked with refreshing the site with a great new look and getting it back on track. We love these types of projects. We worked closely with Victoria Shiel, Director of the Gold Coast Community Legal Centre, to understand her requirements and objectives for the new site. Once that was finalised, we set to work reviewing the site. We proposed a new site plan and navigation structure and completed a review of the existing content, outlining what additional resources would be required for the new site.

When everything was ready to go, we set to work and created the new site, which can be seen here Although we’re based in Cairns, we work with customers across the state, country and even internationally. We’re easily able to achieve amazing results for your business, no matter where you are located.

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