Quickwall Wanted Local Support

Quickwall wanted to work with a local company, which would provide practical advice and support. They already had a website, which had recently been redesigned and developed by a southern agency. They weren’t happy with the result and weren’t getting any support from their supplier. Sadly, this is a common occurrence. We worked with them to understand their situation and requirements and have created a great new website, which we fully support.

“We often get enquiries from people who are frustrated at the lack of support from southern web developers. When you work with RJ New Designs, you aren’t just another number in line. We’re locally owned and family operated. Our business has grown from word of mouth referrals and happy customers. We support all our sites and clients. We’re here when you need us. So, if you want to talk about your website, its growth and opportunities, give us a call on 4041 0776.”

Julie Johnston - RJ New Designs

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Quickwall specialise in renders, waterproofing systems, membrane paints and textured finishes. Their head office is in Cairns, with a manufacturing plant in Brisbane and distribution across Australia.

They needed a website which would provide appropriate online representation of their products and services, optimised for user and search engine engagement. We worked with them to deliver a solution, which worked.

To ensure best results moving forward, we will continue to work with this customer to expand their online footprint, adding pages and content targeted to maximise organic (unpaid for) SEO for a range of locations and services.

In short, we’re here to support you. From initial project, to ongoing maintenance and growth. If you want professional web services, you don’t need to go down south. Just give Richard at RJ New Designs a call on 4041 0776 or email info@rjnewdesigns.com