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WordPress Training - RJ New Designs runs Cairns' first customised WordPress training courses. Build your own site in just one day.

Cairns WordPress Website Training Courses

Want a website in a day? We’ll show you how with WordPress! Our Cairns WordPress website courses are a first for Far North Queensland. We provide helpful training on how to use WordPress and, at the end of just one day, you’ll have your own WordPress website for under $400.

Want more? We hear you! Times are tough: to help you get started in the online world, we’ll include one (1) free domain name registration and one (1) year’s website hosting for each person / business participating in our one (1) day Cairns WordPress courses (usually costs $269).

RJ New Designs: Cairns WordPress Website Courses

Designed to suit individuals, not-for-profit organisations and small business, our one-day WordPress Training Courses are the perfect way to get started on the internet. Not only do you get free domain name registration and website hosting, but at the end of just one day, you’ll have your very own, fully-functional WordPress website.

Cairns WordPress Training: What Will I Learn?

  • What is a website? how they work and why WordPress is the ideal solution for you.
  • How to plan your website’s structure: what’s important to include on your site.
  • What is a domain name? how much are they and why do I need one?
  • What is web hosting and how do I set-up email accounts? we’ll help you out.
  • How to set-up and install your WordPress website: starting-out and making my site.
  • All about WordPress themes: taking a template and making it your own.
  • How to customise your theme: adding your logo, branding and preferred colours.
  • Finding images for your site: what to do when you don’t have any of your own pictures.
  • Creating your first pages: the building blocks for your new WordPress website.
  • Creating your first posts: adding the content and learning how it all works.
  • Styling content: making categories and enabling sections of the site to look different.
  • How to resize and optimise images: adding pictures and keeping them consistent.
  • Adding different media to the site: videos, downloadable PDFs and more.
  • Creating a navigation menu: helping people find their way around the site.
  • Creating contact forms: generate enquiries and reduce spam.
  • WordPress SEO plugins: how to optimise my WordPress site for the search engines.
  • Installing tracking software: how to do it and how to keep track of who is looking at your site.

Cairns WordPress Courses: When, Where and What Do I Need?

RJ New Designs holds Cairns WordPress Training Courses on demand. The courses run from 9am till 5pm with a 30-minute lunch break. To participate, you’ll need a computer (preferably laptop – we can provide one if needed) and a basic idea of what you want to achieve with your website. It also helps if you have a logo and at least one image. All participants will be provided with course information upon registration, providing more detail on the training and outlining what you need to do to make sure you get the most out of your course. Bookings are essential.

Cairns WordPress Training Courses: How Much Do They Cost?

RJ New Designs’ one-day WordPress Training Courses cost $399 per participant. This includes registration of one (1) free domain name and one (1) year’s web hosting, which usually costs $269, meaning your training and website will only cost you $130! Why so cheap? We are a progressive web company and love helping people get the most out of their websites. The more people we help, the more people sign-up and tell other people what we do, which is great for us. Courses are for a minimum of four (4) and maximum of six (6) participants each. Advance bookings are essential.

Cairns WordPress: Manage Your Site Course

Got a WordPress website and don’t know how to update it? No problem. We’ll show you how, with easy to follow steps. This is tailored for people with an existing WordPress website (built by someone other than us—we provide training with our own sites), which they don’t know how to use. Don’t panic, this happens a lot, you are not alone.

This full day course will focus specifically on the management side of things, including: amending the navigation menu, adding pages to the site; amending page content; uploading media. Unlock your site and get it working for you. Minimum of four (4) participants, $399 per person. Courses are scheduled on demand. Contact us for more information 4041 0776 or

Cairns WordPress: Private Training

Want to learn how to use WordPress, with training tailored to suit your specific needs? RJ New Designs can help. We’ll provide all of the above, on any day that suits you, with 1 on 1 training for just $999. Group training can also be provided, for a maximum of six (6) people at a time, for $1999.

RJ New Designs are the Cairns WordPress experts. We’ve been using this dynamic development platform for over six years, taking it from your standard theme to a complete customised online solution for big business.

For more information on our WordPress Training Courses, please contact us today on phone (07) 4041 0776 or email

WordPress Websites

Want a website you can update yourself? WordPress is the ideal platform for you and RJ New Designs are your Cairns WordPress experts. We’ll use our technical skills to customise a WordPress website to suit your needs.

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